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Summa Doll

Wow, Senior year. Let's go back a bit and I'll give you guys an update on how I've spent these last few weeks of school and now that I'm out; what I'll be doing this summer. The last weeks of school have had so many activities; spirit week, prom, department events, ring day, candlelight, dances, graduation and SATs. My school packs as many activities into these weeks as possible causing me to stress and breakout. I'm taking the ACT this Saturday and let me tell you, I am not prepared. Anyways I had many end of the year projects and events as I listed above. But now I am free! In a few weeks I'll be headed to South Africa and after that I'll be doing a film program. I hope to get really into photography this summer and improve enough to get paid. 


Court Doll

Hi friends, today I'm hitting you with a $4.00 top I thrifted this weekend. I love cheap things! I also realized this weekend that when I'm thrifting, I just decide what size I want to be and than buy it; which is not a good habit. I also took pictures in this new spot, however it rained last night, key the wet sandals. So in other works I walked over water to take these photos.

Jordan Barrant

Post Rain Doll

Hi guys, after about two weeks of rain it is quite nice to see some sun. However it was refreshing to get a break from my allergies because today has been a lot of itchy eyes and running noses on top of the fact that I'm recovering from a cold I caught this weekend. I also just have so much stuff to do and so much work to do and I'm not at the point of being completely overwhelmed yet; but it's definitely a lot. So, I'm gonna get to working and see you guys soon.

Jordan Barrant