A Day With Doll

Hello friends, I have much explaining to do. Over the course of break I was in the process of trying to move my site to wix so that I could have a main space for all my links but than have things like this blog and my shop on external sites. The main site on wix is basically done but blogger has been giving me numerous problems in my attempts to transfer from squarespace - wordpress - blogger. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix this but trust me I'm working on it. Due to this cause I never posted this because I was hoping I would have made the switch by then. So I'm going to start a new paragraph and pretend it's a new post.
So I'm thinking of starting a new series similar to a day in the life on youtube except called "A Day With J." That is subject to change if anyone has better ideas. So this is A Day With J last week during my Thanksgiving break. So let's start with the basic. My fit for the day was pretty simple, more important comfortable.

Bomber Doll

Hi friends, I just realized I never posted this when I meant to post it 5 days ago! Either way, I'm officially on Thanksgiving break. I've slept in for 2 days straight and I already feel like a new woman! I'm going to continue my resting, so this post will be short, but since I'm on break expect more post.

Feeling the Bern Doll

Hi friends, so my grades suck and Trump is president. I mean I don't care that much because regardless of who is president I still need to get into college and since everyone ditched Bernie I need way better grades. I also feel like life goes on and my life is going to go on. Everyone else should start thinking about that too. On a different subject, Thanksgiving break is soon and this president has just reminded me of what I'm grateful for. I also recently watched a couple documentaries and just movies in general that really got me heated and I might make a blog post about them soon. To summarize, I bet all of us are feeling the burn now.

Shoes - H&M
Jacket - Thrifted

Mom Doll

Hello, I'm going to ignore the fact that I haven't posted in about a month and just start talking about this fit. I have 3 pairs of mom jeans and I basically wear them in rotation with this exact same belt and jacket. I've basically created a uniform for myself without anyone telling me I had too. It's just hard to be comfortable and cute through these cooler months. When I leave my dorm in the morning its usually like 30 degrees. On top of that I hate tights, but like what are tights even for? They're just an uncomfortable piece of elastic that prevents people from asking you "Are you cold?" Even though obviously if it's 20 degrees and all you have over your leg is thin tights, you are cold. So what's the point of wearing them if I'm gonna be just as cold with them on as I would be without them. Anyways tomorrows halloween, I don't know if I'm gonna do another post but either way, I'm dressing up for the first time in like 5 years!
 Shirt - Uniqlo
Jeans - Topshop
Belt - HM
Shoes - Adidas
Jacket - Thrifted

Nike Doll

Hi friends, today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday and that means that I get to go home this weekend and binge watch AHS Hotel. It also means I can sleep all day for at least one of these days since it's a long weekend. Also this jacket is my favorite and if it had a hood it would be an iconic rain jacket. Speaking of iconic this is random but Joanne Prada has ran her course and that is quite sad. The phone case in these pictures has also ran its course and is also falling apart. Also I guess since I'm a teenager my skin is against me and it keeps breaking out like um... rude, where is my skins manners. Please ask permission before ruining my life.

 Dress - Forever 21
Jacket - Thrifted
Shoes - Boohoo
Socks - Boohoo

Skater Doll

I'm not actually a skater but I did scrape my knees so who has to know. On Friday I was running to catch the train (in these very heels) and I fell and scraped literally my whole knee. It was dripping blood and I got up and kept running, I still missed it though. Than I had to wait two hours for the next train and take the red line during rush hour. So I had a really great start to the weekend! At least my hair looks good now. I'm also really tired because I've been getting an average of 5 hours of sleep a day and I thought I was gonna catch up on my sleep this weekend but I did not. Uh, yeah life is going really well. Junior year everyone!

Dress - Boohoo
Jacket - Thrifted
Shoes - H&M (similar)
Socks - Boohoo

A Bit Overwhelmed Doll

I feel like I make questionable decisions in a quite a few aspects of my life. One of those decisions being me deciding to take two additional arts classes to the four I already had. And since I added a class, not only do I have more work but I have less time to do that work. As you can see, school is in full swing and I am already running on 5 hours of sleep. Isn't that something? These aren't a lot of pictures but I was high - key in a rush and I just wanted to put out a blog post since I haven't done one in over a week. This is a pretty simple outfit, velvet on denim, two of my favorite materials. I saw an outfit on the latest TheLineup video and one of the girls had a very similar skirt to this. You know when you watch an outfit video or look at a blogpost and you see them wearing an item you have and you're like hashtag inspired?...

Top - Goodwill
Skirt - Forever 21
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Adidas

Junior Doll

Hi friends, happy Friday! I just finished my first full day of classes, I mean I haven't started my arts  classes yet so I guess technically I haven't finished a full day but close enough. I like my classes this semester as much as I'll ever like academic classes, so that's good. I also have a single in my dorm which is how I was able to maneuver these pictures. Can I just say, I love having a single, my room is so cute and it smells like coffee and cinnamon. Sometimes you just gotta appreciate yourself so no one else has to. I meant to take a first day of school outfit yesterday because my outfit was hecka cute yesterday too but the light left the day too soon. I guess I'll try next year! Also, now that I'm in school who knows when I'm gonna post so just check back every week to see! 

Shirt - Goodwill
Shoes - Boohoo
Choker - Asos

Blonde Doll

Hi friends, my hair is very different as you can probably tell. I cut bangs again and I dyed my hair reddish brown. I originally wanted ombre hair, but I'm starting to like this too. Also I'm finally understanding what people meant by saying the bleach dries your hair... my hair looks dead. I'm also watching the rest of The Office. It's my second all time favorite show next to Grey's Anatomy but I never watched The Office after Michael left. As it turns out, it's funny! I go back to school so soon. I have no idea when I'm going to put this post because I know I wanted to preschedule some. I have to find my flow for taking blog pictures at school and I'm not sure when that will be. Anyways who knows when you guys will get your next post. I think I'll put this post up on move in day.

Dress - Forever21
Shoes - Flats
Choker - Boohoo
Hoops - Boohoo 

Knockoff Doll

Hi friends, today I'm sporting my knockoff pumas. I got these from public desire so they're those high quality knockoffs. I go back to school in less than a week and last night I went to bed at 5am. I love having a messed up sleeping schedule. In other news, Internet Famous comes out tomorrow at 5pm in Boston time! I don't know what time schedule it is but it doesn't matter because as an American the world revolves around me... just kidding. But seriously it comes out tomorrow, it will be on youtube and vimeo AND on this site in the film section. So you have plenty of locations to watch the series and I really hope you do watch it because me and the cast worked really hard on it. If you're wondering what it's about I'll give you a quick longline. In this coming of age web series, two teen girls discover the difficulties of being in the limelight on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it when and if you watch it!

T-shirt - Urban Renewal
Shorts - American Apparel (similar)
Shoes - Public Desire