Concert Doll

Hi pals, today I'm coming at you with a look that seems like it is more suited for a concert. I had a full face of makeup and a cute outfit on and the only place I went is a local burger place. I guess that's how summer goes, however I'm so excited to start working so I don't have to wonder around my house all day filled with boredum. I've been working on my web series the past couple of days, it's a coming of age comedy series about teenage issues titled "Internet Famous". The first episode is probably going to come out in early July but stay tuned for more details. It will be on this site and on my vimeo so basically just get excited. But since that's all I've been doing besides being really bored and I did a fashion post a few days ago, that's it for now. See you guys on the flip side.

Top - H&M
Flannel - Thrifted
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Boohoo
Sunglasses - Primark


Hi friends, look here I'm in a different location! I was actually on a rooftop in Kendall square, which is like moderately cool if you ask me. I've noticed that in all my pictures I look really pissed off but in reality I'm nice, I swear. Also if you're wondering why my phone is in a lot of the pictures or why my hands looks weird, it's because I use my phone to take the pictures. If you want a update on my summer, I've completed the new season of Orange Is The New Black, I've watched like 4 seasons of Degrassi The Next Generation, I watched Spotlight and I still don't have my learners permit. In other words I'm really thriving. Anyways, this last week before I start working I'm going to try to make the most of it and do art stuff. Look forward to more updates!

Dress - Boohoo
Bralette - Aerie
Shoes - Boohoo
Watch - Charming Charlies

Country Doll

Hi friends, I'm starting to think I should find a new location for taking these blog pics. Every time I take these pictures they always look a little overexposed and a little out of focus. I am nowhere near a perfectionist but when it comes to my photography and films I'm forced to aim for perfection. Even though these dresses and this cut for tops are super in, I can't help but feel like I grew up in a farm and raise chickens in this dress. Other updates, I've gone through quite a few seasons of Degrassi in these past few weeks, some genius uploaded all the seasons onto youtube. Whoever and wherever this person is, I love them from the bottom of my heart. I also look like I hate the world in these pictures but with the way this world is acting right now, I kinda do.

 Dress - Boohoo
Sandals - Soda
Hoops - Forever 21
Lips - Colourpop Limbo

Suburban Mom Doll

Hi friends, I'm back at it again with the blog post. I've decided in this very moment in this prescheduled post, that my blog post date is going to be Wednesday. Who knows when you'll get other content from me like films and portraits, but I can guarantee you will get a blog post from me every Wednesday or some on days even more.  Whenever I wear these clogs I feel like a suburban mom which is the ultimate goal in life. I want to be like a self-sufficient woman who supports herself and doesn't need help from anyone else but, at the same time I would love to be able to shop all day with my fellow housewives and go to the park with my 5 kids everyday. So as you can see, I have quite the dilemma with deciding my future. What I need now is a friend who loves photography as much as me and wants to take blog pictures for me.

Dress - Boohoo
Shoes - Primark
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Necklace - Resort Gift Shop 

Chill Doll

Hi guys, I've decided I'm going to start doing blogpost just on the music front because music a huge part of my life. Even though I don't necessarily make music, I spend a large portion of my day listening to it and if I could I would definitely produce it. Rap music has always been my favorite genre but recently I've ventured into what I'd call chill music. These three albums I've been listening too non stop.

Petit Biscuit I discovered through youtube channels, lot's of youtubers use remixes of this type of chill music in the background of their videos. My favorite songs of his are Memories, Sunset Lover,  Once Again and Night Trouble.

Flume I discovered from being a similar artist to ODESZA. Flumes album, Skin, is a great album, overall 10/10 recommend. The best hits off the album are Never Be Like You featuring Kai, Say It featuring Tove Lo, Sleepless and Innocence featuring AlunaGeorge.

ODESZA is the OG for me, I feel like everyone has heard Sun Models featuring Madelyn Grant at some point in their life. The album In Return is my favorite one of their albums considering the fact that I haven't listened to any of their other albums. My favorite songs off the album are Say My Name featuring Zyra, Sun Models featuring Madelyn Grant, All We Need featuring Shy Girls, White Lies featuring Jenni Potts and Echoes featuring Py. A playlist on Spotify including all these songs and more are linked at the stop of the blog. If you have any recommendations for music similar to these tunes than comment them because I'm looking for more chill music, except I'm pretty lazy.

Striped Doll

Hi friends, I've moved blogs again, big surprise. I'm going to leave my old blog up for a little while so that I can remember where I came from. For a glimpse of the tragedy that was my old blog head over to (and do it fast because I'm going to private it soon). With this new website I was inspired to start fashion blogging again. Even though my otp (one true passion) is film, I've always loved fashion and that hasn't changed. Now that I feel confident that the outfits I put together are not complete trash I think this blog might actually have some success, in my eyes at least. Anyways squarespace is really nice and I'm really happy to that I decided to use it and I hope this blog looks nice too.

Dress - Boohoo
Shirt - H&M
Shoes - Call it Spring
Lips - Limbo @Colourpop