Chill Doll

Hi guys, I've decided I'm going to start doing blogpost just on the music front because music a huge part of my life. Even though I don't necessarily make music, I spend a large portion of my day listening to it and if I could I would definitely produce it. Rap music has always been my favorite genre but recently I've ventured into what I'd call chill music. These three albums I've been listening too non stop.

Petit Biscuit I discovered through youtube channels, lot's of youtubers use remixes of this type of chill music in the background of their videos. My favorite songs of his are Memories, Sunset Lover,  Once Again and Night Trouble.

Flume I discovered from being a similar artist to ODESZA. Flumes album, Skin, is a great album, overall 10/10 recommend. The best hits off the album are Never Be Like You featuring Kai, Say It featuring Tove Lo, Sleepless and Innocence featuring AlunaGeorge.

ODESZA is the OG for me, I feel like everyone has heard Sun Models featuring Madelyn Grant at some point in their life. The album In Return is my favorite one of their albums considering the fact that I haven't listened to any of their other albums. My favorite songs off the album are Say My Name featuring Zyra, Sun Models featuring Madelyn Grant, All We Need featuring Shy Girls, White Lies featuring Jenni Potts and Echoes featuring Py. A playlist on Spotify including all these songs and more are linked at the stop of the blog. If you have any recommendations for music similar to these tunes than comment them because I'm looking for more chill music, except I'm pretty lazy.

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