Country Doll

Hi friends, I'm starting to think I should find a new location for taking these blog pics. Every time I take these pictures they always look a little overexposed and a little out of focus. I am nowhere near a perfectionist but when it comes to my photography and films I'm forced to aim for perfection. Even though these dresses and this cut for tops are super in, I can't help but feel like I grew up in a farm and raise chickens in this dress. Other updates, I've gone through quite a few seasons of Degrassi in these past few weeks, some genius uploaded all the seasons onto youtube. Whoever and wherever this person is, I love them from the bottom of my heart. I also look like I hate the world in these pictures but with the way this world is acting right now, I kinda do.

 Dress - Boohoo
Sandals - Soda
Hoops - Forever 21
Lips - Colourpop Limbo

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