Satin Doll

Hi friends, so as you probably guessed I didn't post on Wednesday. I think I'm not going to have a schedule on my post until I go back to school which is frighteningly soon. But I've had a nice a week and I got this new dress so everything is good. I'm just gonna keep this one short so. Talk to y'all on the flip side.

Dress - Boohoo
T-shirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Call It Spring

Wannabe Rich Doll

Hi friends, today is not Wednesday but I'm risking it all by posting this today. So instead of prescheduling it I'm posting it today. Back to school is soon so I've making a lot of carts of shopping bags. Unfortunately, I'm not rich so I can't afford my carts which probably equate to like $700, so all I can do for now is wish I'm rich. The closest I can get to being rich now is working, which means I can't afford everything I want. All I want to do is go shopping and watch Degrassi. Does that make me a mad person? That's up for debate. 

 Shirt - H&M
Pants - Uniqlo
Shoes - Zooshoo

Lazy Doll

Hello friends, I feel like this would have been the perfect outfit for the fourth of July, but since I just got these shoes it wouldn't have exactly worked. Does anyone know the stereotypical lens a blogger would use so everything looks blogger esq? I currently use the canon 70d with an 18 to 135 lens and I also use it for my films. Speaking of films, another update! Well it's not different from my last update but I'm just reminding you that Internet Famous is a thing that will either be on vimeo or youtube in the near future. However there will definitely be a folder on this website with all of the episodes in one place so it's super easy access since you're already on this website! Also if by odd chance you make films, do you prefer youtube or vimeo? I think of vimeo as a more professional website and my web series is more of a comedy series and I have the potential to make money off of it. I just like vimeo SO much more, youtube is kind of ugly. I could also put it on both. I need answers! Thank you!

Shirt - H&M (similar)
Pinafore - Boohoo
Shoes - Asos

Film Doll

Hi guys, so I know I said I would post a outfit post every Wednesday at 5:00 but well, I didn't. I could've saved that Sunday post but I didn't. So instead you're going to get this late night analysis of my favorite films. I'll start with my first favorite, Amélie directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and the Director of Photography being Bruno Delbonnel. A quick synopsis, Amélie is an odd child whose mother died when she was young, her father was extremely depressed growing up and because of that she was neglected. She's always done odd good deeds among her peers but the real fun starts when a man drops his scrap book full of Photo Booth pictures. She sends him on a mission to get them back from her. It's a quirky little film but what really sets it over the bar is Delbonnel. The cinematography is impeccable, it's innovative. These are some of my favorite shots:
 My next favorite is Moonrise Kingdom, directed by none other than Wes Anderson and cinematography done by Robert Yeoman. The story is a love story of two runnaway teens. One a neglected boy who never had parents to love him and one a teen girl who has a unspoken mental illness. It's a quirky comedy that's just weird enough. Also all the shots are so pretty, Wes Anderson is known for his colorful films and Moonrise Kingdom displays nothing less. Some favorite shots of mine:
Lastly but certainly not least, Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino and the director of photography being Andrzej Sekuła. Honestly I've only watched it once so I need to give it another watch so I can give a solid analysis. But I'll describe what I took from it. So there are three or four, in a way, intertwining stories. It follows two hitmen, a boxer, a cocaine addict and bank robber. All the stories go back to a man named Marsellus Wallace. The hitmen work for him, the boxer is running away from him, and the cocaine addict is his wife. The main theme is progressing and change, all the characters progress and change in someway. Whether it's by dying, or by truce they all move forward and move on. The shots are great and I could only dream of making a movie as beautiful as this one. My favorite shots:
Overall, as you've probably gathered, I love films that are a little weird with great cinematography. If you know any others comment them because I'm always looking for new ones. Maybe next year I'll do an updated version of this post. Oh and all these movies are on netflix, you're welcome.

American Doll

Hi friends, pals and people, today I'm coming at you with a pre - fourth of July post seeing as July 3rd is the new 4th. I'm trying out the app for posting this because currently I'm on Castle Island, so let's see how this goes. I start work soon which is great because money makes the world go round and I will no longer be bored. In other news I finally have 3 favorite films which is gonna be so handy because seeing as I'm a filmmaker I get asked a lot what my favorite films are. Drumroll plese... 3. Pulp Fiction 2. Moonrise Kingdom and number 1 goes to Amelié a long time favorite of mine. That's basically what my week has consisted of. That and Dexter.

 Top - River Island
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Boohoo
Belt - H&M
Bralette - Aerie