American Doll

Hi friends, pals and people, today I'm coming at you with a pre - fourth of July post seeing as July 3rd is the new 4th. I'm trying out the app for posting this because currently I'm on Castle Island, so let's see how this goes. I start work soon which is great because money makes the world go round and I will no longer be bored. In other news I finally have 3 favorite films which is gonna be so handy because seeing as I'm a filmmaker I get asked a lot what my favorite films are. Drumroll plese... 3. Pulp Fiction 2. Moonrise Kingdom and number 1 goes to AmeliƩ a long time favorite of mine. That's basically what my week has consisted of. That and Dexter.

 Top - River Island
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Boohoo
Belt - H&M
Bralette - Aerie

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