Lazy Doll

Hello friends, I feel like this would have been the perfect outfit for the fourth of July, but since I just got these shoes it wouldn't have exactly worked. Does anyone know the stereotypical lens a blogger would use so everything looks blogger esq? I currently use the canon 70d with an 18 to 135 lens and I also use it for my films. Speaking of films, another update! Well it's not different from my last update but I'm just reminding you that Internet Famous is a thing that will either be on vimeo or youtube in the near future. However there will definitely be a folder on this website with all of the episodes in one place so it's super easy access since you're already on this website! Also if by odd chance you make films, do you prefer youtube or vimeo? I think of vimeo as a more professional website and my web series is more of a comedy series and I have the potential to make money off of it. I just like vimeo SO much more, youtube is kind of ugly. I could also put it on both. I need answers! Thank you!

Shirt - H&M (similar)
Pinafore - Boohoo
Shoes - Asos

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