Blonde Doll

Hi friends, my hair is very different as you can probably tell. I cut bangs again and I dyed my hair reddish brown. I originally wanted ombre hair, but I'm starting to like this too. Also I'm finally understanding what people meant by saying the bleach dries your hair... my hair looks dead. I'm also watching the rest of The Office. It's my second all time favorite show next to Grey's Anatomy but I never watched The Office after Michael left. As it turns out, it's funny! I go back to school so soon. I have no idea when I'm going to put this post because I know I wanted to preschedule some. I have to find my flow for taking blog pictures at school and I'm not sure when that will be. Anyways who knows when you guys will get your next post. I think I'll put this post up on move in day.

Dress - Forever21
Shoes - Flats
Choker - Boohoo
Hoops - Boohoo 

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