Knockoff Doll

Hi friends, today I'm sporting my knockoff pumas. I got these from public desire so they're those high quality knockoffs. I go back to school in less than a week and last night I went to bed at 5am. I love having a messed up sleeping schedule. In other news, Internet Famous comes out tomorrow at 5pm in Boston time! I don't know what time schedule it is but it doesn't matter because as an American the world revolves around me... just kidding. But seriously it comes out tomorrow, it will be on youtube and vimeo AND on this site in the film section. So you have plenty of locations to watch the series and I really hope you do watch it because me and the cast worked really hard on it. If you're wondering what it's about I'll give you a quick longline. In this coming of age web series, two teen girls discover the difficulties of being in the limelight on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it when and if you watch it!

T-shirt - Urban Renewal
Shorts - American Apparel (similar)
Shoes - Public Desire

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