Skater Doll

I'm not actually a skater but I did scrape my knees so who has to know. On Friday I was running to catch the train (in these very heels) and I fell and scraped literally my whole knee. It was dripping blood and I got up and kept running, I still missed it though. Than I had to wait two hours for the next train and take the red line during rush hour. So I had a really great start to the weekend! At least my hair looks good now. I'm also really tired because I've been getting an average of 5 hours of sleep a day and I thought I was gonna catch up on my sleep this weekend but I did not. Uh, yeah life is going really well. Junior year everyone!

Dress - Boohoo
Jacket - Thrifted
Shoes - H&M (similar)
Socks - Boohoo

A Bit Overwhelmed Doll

I feel like I make questionable decisions in a quite a few aspects of my life. One of those decisions being me deciding to take two additional arts classes to the four I already had. And since I added a class, not only do I have more work but I have less time to do that work. As you can see, school is in full swing and I am already running on 5 hours of sleep. Isn't that something? These aren't a lot of pictures but I was high - key in a rush and I just wanted to put out a blog post since I haven't done one in over a week. This is a pretty simple outfit, velvet on denim, two of my favorite materials. I saw an outfit on the latest TheLineup video and one of the girls had a very similar skirt to this. You know when you watch an outfit video or look at a blogpost and you see them wearing an item you have and you're like hashtag inspired?...

Top - Goodwill
Skirt - Forever 21
Belt - H&M
Shoes - Adidas

Junior Doll

Hi friends, happy Friday! I just finished my first full day of classes, I mean I haven't started my arts  classes yet so I guess technically I haven't finished a full day but close enough. I like my classes this semester as much as I'll ever like academic classes, so that's good. I also have a single in my dorm which is how I was able to maneuver these pictures. Can I just say, I love having a single, my room is so cute and it smells like coffee and cinnamon. Sometimes you just gotta appreciate yourself so no one else has to. I meant to take a first day of school outfit yesterday because my outfit was hecka cute yesterday too but the light left the day too soon. I guess I'll try next year! Also, now that I'm in school who knows when I'm gonna post so just check back every week to see! 

Shirt - Goodwill
Shoes - Boohoo
Choker - Asos