Junior Doll

Hi friends, happy Friday! I just finished my first full day of classes, I mean I haven't started my arts  classes yet so I guess technically I haven't finished a full day but close enough. I like my classes this semester as much as I'll ever like academic classes, so that's good. I also have a single in my dorm which is how I was able to maneuver these pictures. Can I just say, I love having a single, my room is so cute and it smells like coffee and cinnamon. Sometimes you just gotta appreciate yourself so no one else has to. I meant to take a first day of school outfit yesterday because my outfit was hecka cute yesterday too but the light left the day too soon. I guess I'll try next year! Also, now that I'm in school who knows when I'm gonna post so just check back every week to see! 

Shirt - Goodwill
Shoes - Boohoo
Choker - Asos

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