Bomber Doll

Hi friends, I just realized I never posted this when I meant to post it 5 days ago! Either way, I'm officially on Thanksgiving break. I've slept in for 2 days straight and I already feel like a new woman! I'm going to continue my resting, so this post will be short, but since I'm on break expect more post.

Feeling the Bern Doll

Hi friends, so my grades suck and Trump is president. I mean I don't care that much because regardless of who is president I still need to get into college and since everyone ditched Bernie I need way better grades. I also feel like life goes on and my life is going to go on. Everyone else should start thinking about that too. On a different subject, Thanksgiving break is soon and this president has just reminded me of what I'm grateful for. I also recently watched a couple documentaries and just movies in general that really got me heated and I might make a blog post about them soon. To summarize, I bet all of us are feeling the burn now.

Shoes - H&M
Jacket - Thrifted