A Day With Doll

Hello friends, I have much explaining to do. Over the course of break I was in the process of trying to move my site to wix so that I could have a main space for all my links but than have things like this blog and my shop on external sites. The main site on wix is basically done but blogger has been giving me numerous problems in my attempts to transfer from squarespace - wordpress - blogger. I'm not sure how I'm going to fix this but trust me I'm working on it. Due to this cause I never posted this because I was hoping I would have made the switch by then. So I'm going to start a new paragraph and pretend it's a new post.
So I'm thinking of starting a new series similar to a day in the life on youtube except called "A Day With J." That is subject to change if anyone has better ideas. So this is A Day With J last week during my Thanksgiving break. So let's start with the basic. My fit for the day was pretty simple, more important comfortable.