Fur Doll

Hi friends, another aspect of the new year that I forgot to mention is my posting schedule. I'm just going to start posting whenever I want. I don't feel the need to have planned days for posting. If that means I might have weeks where there are three post and weeks where there are none so be it. Ultimately this blog is me and what I do during my spare time; and I enjoy it. Having a set time and date is stressful and most importantly, it's not what I want to do. My blog is kind of an abyss on the internet, not many read it and I can just conduct my daily rants. Therefore when I post, it's not going to be my best fit of the week or anything special, it's when it's convenient for me. As for updates, I have three weeks left in my first semester and next semester I've decided is for creating and art making. I want to make something that will help me leave my mark. I'm thinking maybe a zine or just really boosting my store game. Be sure to check out my Etsy shop, a bunch of really cute items will be up in the upcoming weeks. Also since my posting schedule will be all over the place make sure to follow my blog so you can see when I post!


Shirt - Boohoo
Jacket - Missguided
Choker - Primark
Belt - H&M (similar)


  1. the blue fur is sooo amazing!


  2. Super cool coat!!!

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