Global Warming Doll

Hello friends, this weather has got me thankful for global warming! It's about 60 degrees and it feels spring. My spring break is one week from now and that means freedom and college tours! I also have been extremely busy at school preparing for break. There are so many projects to do and so many extra curriculars. I also have the continuous crisis of: how am I going to wow college when I have no art worthwhile? Anyways the moral of the story is I'm busy but I'm about to be free.


Busy Doll

Hi friends, today I am back and so is the sun apparently. It's been unseasonably warm for the past few days, even though it's only been in the early 40s and 50s, it's still shocking to me. All of Boston Public Schools is on February break I'm stuck here for 2 more weeks until my March break. However before I go on break there is so much work to be done. I have all my academic work and test in those classes. Arts homework for all my 5 arts classes, articles to write, yearbook pages o finish, it just feels as though there is always work to be done! I still want to make time for this blog because but with busy schedules comes prioritizing. I can't necessarily put my blog before my academics because this blog is basically just me and my thoughts. Oh and Black History month woo!

Jordan Barrant

Sims Doll

Hi friends, I'm here again! So a little update, I've been breaking out so bad. I honestly have no idea why, however I ordered a curology trial and I'm really hoping it works. I also have had this constant crisis of feeling like I'm not doing enough. I always feel like everyone in this generation has so much success already and I don't. I want to know what I can do to be successful. I've also been spending money like it's water. For example, the sims packs were 50% yesterday (they might still be on sale) and I bought one even though I already didn't have a lot of money. I should probably stop. But I love things! Things are great! After I finish this post I'm gonna play sims. Sims is great!