Summa Doll

Wow, Senior year. Let's go back a bit and I'll give you guys an update on how I've spent these last few weeks of school and now that I'm out; what I'll be doing this summer. The last weeks of school have had so many activities; spirit week, prom, department events, ring day, candlelight, dances, graduation and SATs. My school packs as many activities into these weeks as possible causing me to stress and breakout. I'm taking the ACT this Saturday and let me tell you, I am not prepared. Anyways I had many end of the year projects and events as I listed above. But now I am free! In a few weeks I'll be headed to South Africa and after that I'll be doing a film program. I hope to get really into photography this summer and improve enough to get paid. 


 Top - Thrifted
Pants - Asos
Oxfords - Asos
Choker - Primark

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