Traveling Doll

Hello pals, I have been gone for two weeks which is the duration of my trip to South Africa. When I said leaving in a few weeks in my last post I really meant in a few days (lol)! I truly love my new lens, even though when I'm writing this I haven't seen my photos yet... from what I saw from my camera app they look really good. My SD card chipped and I went all the way to a coffee shop to edit them only to find out that I couldn't see my SD card on my laptop so I can't edit them. Traveling opened my eyes to a lot of things, especially the perks of being American. I was surprised to find out everywhere I went everyone spoke english. Something that's always been interesting to me is black to black vs black to white interactions. I've found that black employees tend to be nicer to white customers than black customers. Not to make an overgeneralization but in a lot of stores in South Africa there were a lot of employees and not many nice ones. However they all seemed to treat white customers very well. It's interesting to me that for a large portion of my life I had a lot of hatred towards my race and a lot of it spiraled from the fact that I felt they didn't treat me well. Of course since than I've grown out of that headspace but it's not something that just up and walks away. I'm really interested in the racial relationships between these groups and what I can do about it. However, I have no ideas yet so...


Top - American Apparel
Shorts - Boohoo
Shoes - Boohoo
Belt - Forever 21

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